A Few Changes In Our Local Texas Laws That You Might Need To Know About

In the last few years, we have seen a few new laws that are helping to make the state of Texas a safer place for all of its human residents and even a few animals! Here are some of the changes in TX criminal laws that had been passed as 82nd amendment by the Texas Legislature and came in force since September 1, 2011 include:

Changes in Senate Bill or S.B. 462 and House Bill or H.B. 351 had reduced the time of expunging the criminal records of a criminal who is charged for some crime but not convicted for it. The recent amendment to this criminal law reduces the time to wait before expunging the individual’s record. Instead of waiting till the expiry of the deadline the applicants have to wait for 6-12 months in general offenses and three years for criminal offenses before requesting for expunging their criminal record whereas in some offense it has been completely nullified.

H.B. 260, H.B. 3000 and H.B. 2329 had helped in creating separate office for dealing criminal cases related to human smuggling, multiple offenses of human trafficking and providing the right to the victims of the human trafficking cases to ask for their protection.

H.B. 1215 made it lot easier to prosecute the people for obtaining financial information of an individual by using telephoto lenses or credit/debit card browsing machines.

S.B. 331 enabled the law to consider the possessors of chemicals or bath salts related to the making of possessors or bath salts or manufacturer of marijuana based products as criminals.

H.B. 3474 and S.B. 1331 provided immunity from the criminal prosecution for the minors, who are seeking emergency medical help due to alcohol poisoning.

S.B. 407 had put sexting, receiving/sending of sexually explicit images through mobile telephones, for minors under criminal category.

H.B. 1043 had put new cases of animal cruelty under criminal offense.

H.B. 1806 had considered altering the weight or length of any fish to affect the result of any fishing tournament as a criminal offense.

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