Texas White Collar Crime Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged, or could be charged, with what’s commonly known as a ‘white collar crime,’ in Texas you face a serious legal problem. Whether the charge is state or federal in nature does not make much of a difference – the penalties can be severe in either case. Therefore, if you face such a situation, you need to contact a criminal defense attorney at the Law Office of Frank A. Perez as soon as possible to schedule an initial consultation, as you need to be sure to take action to protect your rights as guaranteed to you under the Constitution.

Below are some of the white collar crimes you could be charged with in state and/or federal court:

Internet Crimes

The advent of the Internet has not only changed the way we live, it’s changed the criminal justice system as well. Unfortunately, the Internet has given access to individuals who were never reachable before, and this has led to several serious ‘new’ crimes being discovered and prosecuted vigorously. These include:

Identity Theft – This is typically a federal case, as transactions made as a result of identity theft tend to cross state lines, and this is almost always prosecuted as a felony, meaning a convicted defendant could face several years in prison.

Internet Sex Crimes – These crimes can involve many different acts, but one of the most common involves enticing children to meet in-person to commence with illegal sexual activities. This is usually a state crime if the enticement and act occurs within the same jurisdiction.

“Traditional” White Collar Crimes

The term ‘traditional’ only means that these crimes were prosecuted before the days of the Internet. Below are a few examples:

Embezzlement – Embezzlement is a crime whereby someone who is in a position of having access to sensitive financial information makes use of that access for personal financial gain at the expense of an individual, a group of people or a business. It’s almost always a felony whether it’s prosecuted at the state or federal level.

Bank Fraud – Bank fraud is any act that results in the defendant illegally augmenting his or her own wealth by deceptive means, including the presentation of false deposit/withdrawal slips or acting as another person to make a withdrawal.

Credit Card Fraud – Credit card fraud involves any action that defrauds either credit card companies or credit card holders, and the design of such a scheme is almost always to abscond with funds illegally.

Your Next Step

Regardless of whether the charges you could face are state or federal in nature, you need to act now if you’re facing potential prosecution for a white collar crime. The first step you should take is to contact the Law Office of Frank A. Perez as soon as possible to schedule an initial consultation and to make sure that your rights are properly enforced and protected.