A Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer Answers Common Arrest Questions

If you are being investigated for a crime in or around Dallas or Fort Worth Texas, or you’ve already been charged, you need to remember a few basic facts in order to do everything that you can to protect your rights and to not make the situation worse for your long-term interests. Over the years, our firm has encountered a few questions that are more common than others, and below are a few examples of them.

What should I say if I’m being questioned by the police?

The simple answer to this question is that you should not say anything. If you have been arrested, you will likely be read your rights, and those rights include:

  1. To have an attorney present; and
  2. To remain silent.

You need to remain silent. The Dallas police are skilled interrogators, and could keep you under questioning for hours, just hoping you’ll contradict yourself. Rather than take that chance, simply tell them that you’re invoking your rights to an attorney and to remain silent.

How does it work if I invoke my right to an attorney?

Basically, if you invoke this right, you will be allowed to contact a criminal defense attorney for help. If you contact our firm, we will proceed to meet with you and to represent you if we both feel that there’s a good fit. If that happens, we will alert law enforcement to the fact that you now have legal representation, and that any and all questioning needs to be done with our criminal defense attorneys present.

What if I am indicted?

If you are indicted for a crime after an investigation, you will proceed to a bond hearing. At this hearing, the judge will decide if you will be released on bond pending trial, or if you will be remanded to custody. You need a criminal defense attorney to help fight for your release.

Will my case go to trial?

That depends on the situation. If your alleged crime is not serious, prosecutors could be willing to negotiate a plea, especially if this is your first offense. Otherwise, whether or not a case proceeds to trial is really a strategic decision. Sometimes, it’s advisable to take a deal if it’s nearly certain you will be convicted. If a conviction could be in doubt, the criminal defense attorneys at the Law Office of Frank A. Perez will fight with you and for you all the way through the process.

If I am convicted, what next?

If you are convicted at trial, then we will work with you quickly to decide whether or not filing an appeal would be advisable. If so, we’ll get to work immediately on the proper filings and the brief that’s necessary.

Your Next Step

As you see, being involved in a criminal investigation needs to be taken very seriously. Contact the Law Office of Frank A. Perez, P.C. immediately to schedule a consultation if you face such a situation.