Motorists From San Antonio to Austin Rejoice!

The final portion of the Texas toll road is now complete where drivers can legally drive faster than anywhere else in the country. After three years of constructions, the final 41 miles of Hwy 130 (also called Pickle Parkway) is now open with a speed limit of 85 miles per hour. The tolls will not start until November 11th, but will be about 15 cents per mile. The goal of this highway is to free up some of the congestion of I-35 and allow commuters to save time with the faster highway.

The new toll road has opened about the same time as the new COTA (Circuit Of The Americas) race track, so speed enthusiasts from around the world will have the chance to drive on the fastest legal road in America. COTA will be holding its first race on Nov. 18th, just 7 days after the toll booths will start taking money.

In 2011, state legislation allowed the speed limits to be raised on certain roads and since that time several highways have had 80mph speed limits. These new faster speeds cause concern with some residents, but studies have proven that highways in Texas with 80mph speed limits have actually lowered driving fatalities after 3 years of observation. This highway, along with others will be monitored regularly and speed limits will be adjust if safety ever becomes a problem.

Officials alos tested the camera system that is meant to capture the license plates of “toll jumpers” by using a Hennessey Cadillac CTS-V and Camaro ZL1 to test the cameras at 180 mph. In the tests, the cameras captured both the front and rear license plates clearly. So don’t skip the tolls, or you could end up getting a hefty fine and increased toll in the mail a few weeks later!

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