Things To Know About TX DUI Laws: Careful Driving Guidelines and DUI Facts

I will tell you right up front, that the moral of this article is to never be found guilty of a DUI in the state of Texas. Do everything you can to avoid drinking and driving and if you are charged with a DUI, contact our office immediately to secure a proper DUI legal defense team! You need to be extremely careful when driving around in Texas because drinking and driving offenses have some severe punishments and penalties. There are several important things to know about TX DUI laws if you operate any type of vehicle in our state or if you have children or relatives who could potentially be drinking and driving.

First of all, DUI or Driving Under the Influence of drugs or alcohol is considered a very severe offense in Texas. Some states may be rather lenient for their own DUI offenders, but the laws in Texas assure quick and stern sentencing for all offenders. Of course, several factors also play an important role for the severity of the issue, such as if the offense is the first offense ever committed by the offender, whether the offender is a minor, or whether the accused was involved in an accident. If an accident did take place, and there were others injured or killed, the charges could escalate very quickly. Even if only property damage occurred, the charges can be increased.

As a first time offender, if you are found guilty, you will lose your license, have some hefty fines, and even spending time in jail is a distinct possibility. Drug and alcohol counseling is almost always mandatory as well. As a second time offender, the jail time and fines will basically double for most people. If you are convicted a third time for DUI, you are in quite a bit of trouble and the courts will try charge you with a felony DUI, which carries sentencing up to 10 years.

In addition to all the legal problems you will face in court, once the conviction is on your record, it can have a very negative impact on your life afterwords. Transportation will be much harder to come since you wont have a license and when you can eventually drive, your insurance rates will be higher from the DUI. You will also be limited to the types of jobs you can perform, because anything that requires driving will be out of the question.

To help eliminate all these problems, and to keep the world a safer place, please never drink and drive. But if you are convicted of drinking and driving, please contact us immediately so we can properly evaluate your situation and determine if you are truly at fault for the crime. We can help today, so give us a call!

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